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Embrace The Void

'It's about this concept of emptiness', says Peter van der Meulen.
'Everyone can give their own meaning to it. If you want to concentrate on something, you must get everything else out of your head. So you start with emptiness.
It's basically a little new beginning, all of the time.
It's also about bringing things back to their core.
So we just write all kinds of stuff, record it and get to the next thing.'

'I love metal', says Thé Hogervorst. 'It doesn't get any deeper than that.'

Two different views that don't seem to make it any clearer.
So what is is it all about?

'We've known each other for a long time now,' says Peter.
'We worked on some some things, but then we wrote material that went into a new, heavier direction. So we decided to make it into a more permanent thing.'
'These are great times', says Thé. 'Both Peter and I have our own studio, where we can record stuff. We meet on a regular basis to write new music, swap all kinds of tracks, and work from there.'
'We try to think in singles, meaning that we consider every song a little thing on its own.
When we wrote enough songs and recorded the rough versions, we decided that they fitted very well together',Thé explains.
This single-concept doesn't mean that the music gets wimped down or commercialised. It oeny means that Embrace The Void is very song-oriented, that it strips the music of all redundancy and brings it down to the essential.
The music too embraces the void, so to speak.
'We like to have this constant thing going on of writing, recording and playing', says Peter.
'It is the core of what making music should be about, and we like to strip it down to just that.'