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What's the news?

You're absolutely right.
It's been a pretty long time since we've done anything about the website.

We've been into the void for a while, actually, and now we're back.
What's there to tell you?
We've been working with Yuri Florentinus and Randy Lever for a while, but it didn't really work out for all of us.
They have their own and pretty heavy band now, called Damn Bones (as in Alice In Chains :) ).
Everybody's happy now...;)
Check them out for more info.

We also ran into some old friends lately, such as Dutch guitarist Marcel Singor and drummer Oscar Kraal. They've been doing some interesting things too.
Marcel is working on a new record, called Hard Pop, and has also recorded guitars for Keith Caputo's forthcoming album. Haven't heard anything of Keith's record yet, but Hard Pop will be good when finished.
You can enjoy some hard pop at Marcels home on the Web.

Oscar is busy with his band Seven, which is more of a pop-/rockband. Be sure to check them out as well, it's good stuff.

So where does this leave us then?
We've been doing some writing, some 'fixin' up some old stuff', you know....also lotsa stuff that you can't really listen to :)

And how about the music then?
Part of the 'fixin' up of old stuff' had to do with rearranging and rerecording of some ancient material.
This will be posted elsewhere, 'cause it's not ETV.
However, we have a nice collection of ETV-material that we will put online shortly. We will put some of the finished material online as a kind of downloadable EP.

Some new stuff has found its way to our spot on MySpace. Requires a Flash-plugin to listen over there, so consider yourself warned...

Out for now,