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A little bit of self-indulgence never hurts, I guess...:)
It's hard to say what each of us does when doing stuff for Embrace The Void, because we both do a little bit of everything actually....which makes it the fun it is.
But to narrow it down a little bit;
I play guitar, do backing vocals every once in a while, write lyrics, compose music and do a lot of the arranging.
Some of the stuff that I use:

If you would ask me about influences, I really couldn't tell you. I listen to a great variety of music, and you'll find many totally different kinds of music in my record collection.
It's all music to me, and it all goes into the big melting pot in my head. I tend to like some combination of roughness, heaviness or intensity and melody or an abstract kind of 'higher layer'.
Some music that i really like, or that I consider my personal 'roots' in some cases, are by the following: